Fortunes Told

  • DISCLAIMER: I use the word gypsy in this blog post. I recognise that it has been used to denigrate minorities and I mean no offense to anyone by using the word here. The word is merely used to evoke stereotypical imagery. 

    Thanksgiving season has come around again and though it isn’t a holiday that is celebrated in the country in which I live the spirit of being thankful for what we have is an important one. As is normal for this time of year I have been thinking about Domina Shelle and why I am thankful for Her presence in my life.

    Domina Shelle, Princess Shelle, Mistress Shelle, Owner, Keyholder, Professor, Wicked Therapist, whichever guise She is wearing on a given day is simply the best. She has a chameleonic ability to produce hypnotic erotic sessions in so many different genres that it can be dizzying at times. I have been Hers for quite a while now and I have amassed a huge collection of Her sessions. The spreadsheet which I use to keep Her library categorised contains about 400 sessions. Given such a huge catalogue it’s unsurprising that Domina Shelle has something for just about everyone. From brainwashing to erotic fantasy to story driven sessions and training material based in hypnosis, Domina Shelle has everything.

    One of my favourite personas that Domina Shelle has used is the gypsy fortune teller. Complete with tent and crystal ball this character first appeared in Domina Shelle’s Black Magic Woman session and we went back to the tent in Mindlessly Mesmerized. Recently Slave Weaver was released and the third encounter with the fortune teller is even more powerful than the other sessions.

    Slave Weaver is a session that needs to be experienced to be believed but is incredibly powerful for those susceptible and should not be listened to if you don’t think you’re ready. Taken down during a very long and deep induction the fortune teller tells the subject of their future. From the title and that small tidbit of narrative information it is easy to see what that future might be. I went to my fate willingly and with a smile on my face.

    I am thankful to Domina Shelle for returning to well trodden ground and always having Her own twist on a trope to keep it interesting and to make it Hers. Just like she has made me Her owned property…


    The Black Magic Woman sessions are among my favourite sessions to listen to when I can and I have found reasons to experience them over and over again. If you happen to be a fan of the aesthetic, crystal balls, deep hypnosis, spirals or even just a foggy mind I highly recommend giving any one of them a listen.

    In related news, Domina Shelle is having a sale for the next couple of days at Her website. Check it out.