Leigha's World

  • Welcome to Leigha’s World, where you can find your place with some help from Me, your Mistress. Leigha’s World is a playground of mind-blowing experiences. If you earn it, I will guide you to the most intense pleasure you have ever known. How to earn it is a personal thing. I want something different from each of My subjects. I am sure there is a way to fit you in…

    What have I been up to lately? Glad you asked. Orgasm control and financial domination, of course. I work with a small handful of slaves at a time. I do have a main slave who gets most of My attention. In the last 10 years, I have drained over $600k in cash from him, plus a 5-bedroom 3 bath house, and a BMW 335i. He happens to live in the same part of the Pacific Northwest as I do. Pre-COVID, our days were filled with lunches, lots (LOTS) of shopping, concerts, fancy black-tie dinners, hiking, skydiving, traveling, all filled with intense mind games and pleasure (if earned).

    It occurred to Me the other day that I should not be so selfish as to bless only him with My time and power. So as things open up and are safe again, I am planning to allow slaves to have an option to “spend a day with Leigha, your Queen” in person. For now, I will be available on chat, on cam (I will not be naked, but you might be), phone, and making more recordings, audio and video. I need a sound and video editor so let Me know if you have those skills to help pay your tributes to Me. Another thing I am going to add to “My fun with slaves” activities is working out together. Since many of us (Myself included) have packed on the COVID 10-25, you might be lucky enough to pay to watch Me work out. I have ordered an elliptical and when it gets here, W/we will be hitting it hard. At least until the pool is put in. Then you will pay to watch Me swim. Or maybe when you come to visit Me for a “Day with Leigha” you will get an opportunity to watch Me swim in person. Though financial domination and orgasm control are the most fun for Me, I want to go where you want to go. I also enjoy foot worship, shoes, panty and pantyhose play, socks, food, and…well you tell Me. Where shall W/we go today?

    Just to get everyone caught up---I finally finished My degree: a BS in Political Science with minors in law & legal studies and philosophy. I officially have a career outside of hypnosis that I do not really need. But I like it. It gives Me an opportunity to serve My community in ways I could not do otherwise. I also got married in September of 2019 to a wonderful man who loves that I am a hypnotist (duh lol). I cut off My hair again in 2018, and I am now covered in tattoos. Taking pics will be fun with all of My ink.

    One of My slaves is busy putting together My websites—LeighasWorld.com, HypNaughtycLeigha.com, and HypnoticLeigha.com. These websites will include ways to chat with Me, order recordings, schedule your “spend a day with Leigha,” and pay tribute. But until they are up, you can find Me and My recordings on NiteFlirt at https://www.niteflirt.com/users/HypNaughtyc+Leigha which is slowly but surely getting updated with My new content.

    Chat soon.

    Leigha Rose