It is My birthday weekend!!!

  •  It is My birthday Sunday the 28th!!! For My birthday I opened a venmo account for you to pay tribute and pay for recordings. Send it to @LeighaRose. Also My Amazon wish list is

    I am finally set up with recording equipment, and I am taking orders for custom recordings. Where shall we go today? Want to be bound and controlled? Orgasms denied? Maybe a relaxxxing walk on the beach. you know you want to be owned and serve your one true Queen. Are you brave enough? Let’s go find the most intense pleasure you have ever known. Maybe I will be generous enough to let you feel it completely.

    I am looking for a slave to help Me with editing recordings. I had a wonderful relationship with My last audio slave. I am worried about him since I can’t get him to reply to Me. If you see this P, message Me. We have work to do. In the meantime, if anyone is interested in helping, I will trade custom recordings and such for your time. P had a great time with Me. I would add in fun phrases to recordings that only he would respond to. He would then edit them out for the finished product.

    My old free recordings are up at where you will also find samples of old files I have for sale. If any of them spark your interest email or message Me at, and I will get them to you asap.


    Chat soon, weak little wankers laughing


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