• Looking for some mind-control and fun?  There's a new Multi User Dungeon (as in Dungeons & Dragons) called HypnoMUD  It's a text based game where you can wander around meeting other players, falling into hypnotic traps (Oh, look, that painting has a swirling spiral!  Hmm, isn't watching that fountain so dreamy and enchanting?), solving riddles to find obects (a ring of resistance, anyone?) and hypnotizing (or being hypnotized).

    Every player has a willpower meter.  When it hits zero, you are technically hypnotized and are encouraged to play along and follow suggestions given to you.  Once hypnotized, triggers can be implanted (and removed) that make you do whatever the hypnotist dreamed up (again, you have to play along).

    The game is always being expanded.  They just added a mind-control bunker (no spoiler, but I'd be careful of the purple bunny suit!) for those who like to live on the edge.  The game and the players don't take themselves too seriously.  There is lots of humor there.  I find it a fun way to escape from the news for a while.

    And if you enjoy female led relationships (and honestly, who here doesn't???), there's lots of scope for that kind of fun.  The game is dedicated to anonymity, so you can feel free to relax and let go . . . 

    Join me in a world called Dormis on HypnoMUD https://www.hypnomud.com/