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  • HypnoMUD

    Posted February 29, 2020 by Anton Mesmerized

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    Looking for some mind-control and fun?  There's a new Multi User Dungeon (as in Dungeons & Dragons) called HypnoMUD  It's a text based game where you can wander around meeting other players, falling into h Read More...

  • the awesome power of Femdom hypnosis

    Posted February 20, 2019 by slaveofhypnosis

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    Hello community, Just sharing some thoughts here.  It is amazing how powerful femdom hypnosis can be. It can be an addiction that grows and grows over time.  in my case,  I've tried to leave inraptured al Read More...

  • I Finally Did It!

    Posted December 15, 2018 by Sweet Tist

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    So, I did it! I had been debating for a while. And I decided to take the plunge!I’ve started selling Files, and Hypnosis Sessions, on NiteFlirt.At the moment I have 4 Files. 1. An update version of Pure Relaxa Read More...