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    April 22, 2022 12:02 AM PDT

    "It's not what you know, but who you know that counts."
    For some time, this adage has been applied to many situations.

    A similar statement is applicable to sensual mesmerizing.

    "It's not what's done, but $$HOW IT'S DONE$$ that $$MAKES IT SENSUOUSLY HYPNOTIC$$"

    Being a blind man for several decades, makeup-related videos at most hold little interest for me. On Her YouTube page, DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS has posted several videos focused upon the cosmetics used by arguably Her premier inspiration, Marilyn Monroe. While listening to these recordings, DDP's meticulousness and craftswomanship when preparing and showcasing something appealing to Her are clearly evident. The details She unveils and the joyfulness She exudes when reverently talking about anything desirable connected to Marilyn Monroe are easily perceived. DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS's Marilyn Monroe-themed videos reveal some of this FINDOM, FEMDOM, PLATINUM BLONDE HYPNOTIST's cherished interests. Also, they draw one's attention into the spells cunningly cast coquettishly by Her classy personality and charisma.

    Due to DDP's Marilyn Monroe videos, i sent Her the message below:


    $$$ You & Marilyn Monroe's beauty regimen = You smiling Your
    enigmatic Mona Lisa smile of the Cheshire Cat Goddess that swallowed
    the canary & feeling the joy of the proverbial kid in a candy store
    that's giving away all of their favorite treats.
    $$$ Diamond Diva Princess after implementing Your blonde bombshell
    predecessor & Muse Marilyn Monroe's Erno Laszlo's beauty regimen;
    wearing, among other couture luxuries, Wolford hosiery; & a pair of
    Your fave Swarovski-encrusted, high-heeled footwear. What a photo
    set, or material for a knockout video that would be.
    The video could be called: "Beverly Heels", or "Rodeo Driving you
    Under My Spells".


    To find THE CAPITALISTIC BLONDE BOMBSHELL's Marilyn Monroe videos, type the search terms below into YouTube's search box:

    "diamond diva princess Marilyn Monroe"

    Regarding hypnotic pleasure, it can also be said that:

    "It's not so much what's done, but $$WHO'S DOING IT$$ and $$HHOW THEY DO IT$$ that $$MAKES IT HYPNOTIC$$"

    Click the link below to freefall heels over head through one GORGEOUS gateway into DDP's GLAMOROUS worlds of wonders, wittiness, and Womanly WILES.

    IMO, if they didn't allow their assumptions, agendas, and egos to get in the way, SO MANY PEOPLE from so many diverse backgrounds could LEARN SO MANY PROFITABLE LESSONS by OBSERVING, CONTEMPLATING, and INTERACTING WITH the one and only $$SPARKLINGLY SAGACIOUS, SAGACIOUSLY SPARKLING, PETITE HYPNOTIC TEMPTRESS SUPREME, CAPITALISTIC BLONDE CAPITALIZING on each of all Her assets and on all reactions and responses to any of Her attributes' AWESOMENESS$$

    Comments or questions are welcome.