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Hi! I'm ShadowTheory

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    April 25, 2023 4:09 PM PDT

    Me: 35f switchy switch and connoisseur of noise, commonly known as ShadowTheory, Shadow, Daddy, etc.
    Time zone/location: Eastern/US
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    Interests in hypnokink: Conversational stuff, relaxation, mindlessness, fractionation, hypnotic intoxication, turning the tables, CNC, emotional manipulation, cognitive dissonance, gaslighting, liminal spaces, drug play, fear play, overstim, orgasm control/denial and chastity, embarrasment, praise, positive affirmations, etc. And to my own shock I am a bit of an audio exhibitionist. Curious about corruption, medical play, and internal body horror/kinetic stuff.
    Seeking: Friends and potential play partners. I want to learn new things about myself and encourage others to do the same, so we can all be in this nightmare together.
    Limits: Necrophilia, scat/waterworks/vomit/gore/vore, diapers, body fluids, saliva, cum play/eating, fellatio, anything illegal or life changing, heavy degradation/humiliation, personality play, tulpas, unbirthing, reproduction, nudes, outfits, exhibitionism beyond audio, being called "Miss" or "Mommy," being treated like a dispenser of kink, my time being wasted, people who claim to have no limits, being pressured to do anything outside my comfort zone before I'm ready, and anything with too much effect on my day to day.

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    April 26, 2023 11:52 PM PDT

    Hello and welcome, ShadowTheory. Thank you for your introduction, and glad to have you here.