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  • slaveofhypnosis
    slaveofhypnosis wrote a new blog entry:
    • July 26, 2019
    • slaveofhypnosis
      jim c im intreiged, can u send me the link to her video that drew u in
    • slaveofhypnosis
      slaveofhypnosis Jim search youtube for Goddess Nicolette.
    • slaveofhypnosis
      germshep24 Jim she is just a Domme that uses another better Dommes audio with some cheap spirals and cheap brainwashing technics that you would expect from a person that knows nothing about hypnosis
    • slaveofhypnosis
      jim c yeah,i checked it out, it seems to b how u described it
    • slaveofhypnosis
      slaveofhypnosis It's amazing the difference a little distance and questioning can make. Actually, I think it is germshep24 who saved me in this case. Since corresponding a bit with germ, I went into more of a questioning mode in the discord chat room. Goddess Nicolette...  more
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    • March 30, 2019
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    • June 19, 2018