Terms of Service

About Inraptured

Hello and welcome to Inraptured, a Femdom Erotic Hypnosis community!
On this site you will find like minded individuals who are interested in sharing their passion for Femdom Hypnosis, and the Dominant Women that create it.

Inraptured offers a rare opportunity for Dominant Women to come together and share their creations and their content with a diverse and passionate audience that is driven by their love of Femdom Hypnosis.

What does it mean to be a Femdom Erotic Hypnosis community?
It means that all content posted on this site must be Female Dominant themed. Any and all content posted in the marketplace, on the main feed, in the forums, or anywhere else on this site must be Femdom content.
This means that it cannot and will not feature males in a position of dominance. Inraptured is more than just Erotic Hypnosis, it is specifically and deliberately FEMDOM Hypnosis to the exclusion of all else.
Inraptured is also happy to host Female lead hypnotic content as well; you do not have to be a hard Domme to share your hypnosis here as long as you are female.

Further, content shared here should also be Erotic Hypnosis driven.
This is not a broad social media site, and off-topic content must be limited to the off-topic section of the forum only.

These days, with the way the internet had changed and the way social media has made it even easier than ever to create your own web presence, there are countless opportunities and places for those who an interested in male driven Erotic Hypnosis, or Erotic Hypnosis more generally, to explore those interests and that type of content.

Please review our Terms of Service Outline for what matters of prohibition and conduct:

1) No content involving minors

2) No stealing

3) No attacking or shaming other members, hypnotists or otherwise

4) No trolling

5) No penises

6) Please do not spam with repeated posts, threads, etc. of the same content or hypnotist in an effort to promote

7) Refrain from jealousy and catty competitiveness of any kind

8) Transactional/customer service issues (hypnotist vs client) is not something that can or should be handled therefore discussed at IR

9) Promotion for a hypnotists should be in the Marketplace, Testimonial, or Forum (link to weekly devotionals) section

10) Please consider all the content here purely as recreational and/or for entertainment purposes, not for any medically standard therapy.

11) Expect overlap with certain terms, titles, common phrasings among hypnotists and subjects with erotic hypnosis.

12) For Female Switches, please do not advertise yourself here as a female subject looking to be hypnotized by anyone but another woman.

13) For Male Hypnotists, while you are welcome to interact, please leave any hypnotizing to the ladies.

These rules are subject to modification and expansion, and additional rules may be added down the line. If any of these rules are broken, members can be suspended, banned or removed at any time. We want to be fair about it, but for the sake of all members at Inraptured, disciplinary steps will be taken if need be.

As the site continues to grow, we will address all issues as they arise, and as we respect you as members, we ask you to respect the purpose and stated intentions of this site.

Please enjoy your time and your experiences at Inraptured.