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  • Reviewed by Bill Kelly (See all my reviews) December 9, 2019 - 1 comment - 2 likes
    The HypnoQueen brilliantly seduces listeners into her hypnotic control. First, The Queen gives away "Pleasure is Truth" . Others have pointed out the power of this very deep Brainwash file. The Queen uses pleasure to seduce the listener into a very deep ecstatically enjoyable trance.

    This leads to the Second part of The Queens Brilliance. The HypnoQueen has bundled files for only $50. Feeling so wonderful after "Pleasure is Truth" I thought I should try a pay file. I chose the "Brainwash Starter Pack". That was my last independent decision. The "Brainwash Starter Pack" consists of 3 separate files; "Voice of Obedience", "Need Master" and "Fix".

    "Voice of Obedience" picks up where "Pleasure is Truth" left off. The Queen uses pleasure to produce feelings of love and obedience in the listener. After firmly establishing this, The HypnoQueen uses the pleasure, love and obedience to to induce enslavement. Now, the listener ceases to exist and has been replaced by a mindless hypnoslave.

    "Need Master" takes the newly minted hypnoslave very, very deep opening his subconscious mind wide open to the HypnoQueen's complete reprogramming. The slave now desires to be used by the HypnoQueen and desperately needs her control and commands. In order to satisfy these needs, the slave will do anything for his QUEEN. The HypnoQueen has become his Master.

    Finally, "Fix" is a short but extremely powerful file. It vigorously reinforces the slave's complete devotion to his QUEEN and Master. The slave realizes that he is owned by the HypnoQueen, that he was born to serve and be used by his Master. The slave must love and obey his QUEEN, the HypnoQueen is the most important thing in his life.

    I am a hypnoslave to the HypnoQueen
    Powerful hypnosis
    Good use of isochronic and binaural beats
    opportunity for total enslavement
    None. The HypnoQueen is always right
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