Erotic zombie enslavement...your mindless obsession

  • My pet, did you wake up thinking of Me and wondering what you can do to please Me today? If you did, you’re such a good boy. And, if you didn’t, well.... this submissive hypnosis session, Mindless Obsession, is exactly the treatment you need to make it a natural everyday part of your life. After all, I am the One who gives you the purpose and pleasure to a happy, fulfilled life. So, right now I want you to relax, get comfortable, download, surrender and give yourself completely to My voice and words.


    But first, I may need to put your mind at ease. Most slaves would be a little afraid just hearing of My MINDLESS zombie enslavement TREATMENT, but, NOT become aroused, HORNY and hungry. Because, you trust Me to know what is best for you and not only the result, but the process of getting you there is so fabulous, you won’t be able to stop thanking Me for taking you on this erotic journey into the deepest femdom hypnosis trance. As My zombie slave, your weak, helpless, blank mind will lose all thoughts and memories. your hunger to feed on My words will increase. Just let go and allow things to happen as I want them to. Absorb My thoughts, My desires and enjoy the sheer pleasure of your ultimate surrender. It makes Me feel so good, knowing that you are completely open to My erotic hypnosis suggestions and control. I adore the way you become so weak and vulnerable for Me, as all of your mental defenses switch off and you become susceptible to My manipulation once again.


    The more I control your arousal, the more My weak and perfect zombie feeds on My words for your sexual pleasure. I leave you My c*ck and tell you to stroke for Me, mindlessly gooning, like My puppet, up and down while you stare at My body. This is how I want you, forever falling easily into trance as soon as you hear My voice. Brain gone while you goon and dedicate yourself to serve and please your puppet Master. I love when you obey and love to please me with your obedient and subservient behavior, Brain Modified, forever.